Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goldilock Says Farewell to Zuda and looks for new home.

Well, um... ahem. Looks like Goldilock will be looking for a new home. DC Comics has shut down the Zuda website and all titles under a certain screen number were dropped. Goldilock at only 24 screens is one of the casualties. I'm thankful for the venue and glad I got to start my story. Many series never even got the chance to start.

Now comes the next step. What shall it be? Comixology iphone app? Maybe a print book through Kickstarter? Maybe set it aside to head out to cali and try something new? I'm not sure. There is a definite story to tell and I still have 4 pages no one has seen yet.

Hmmm... ponder.


  1. Go webcomic style?

  2. Any new news? I thought highly of the series...

  3. I found Daniel Haze to be a fairly massive inspiration... even as a fictional character and even though there were more mentions of him rather than himself appearing within the comic.
    Just saying =/ I don't even know why.