Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wildlife Promo 1

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Goldilock Fan Artings... Nice!

Here we have Olivia and Daniel Haze by the amazingly talented Hope aka elfkin at Deviant Art.

You know that feeling that your life is missing something? Well it's probably Analogue by Jesse Tise....go read now. Thanks for this Jesse.

Thanks to Gabe Ostley, awesome artist from Zuda Comics, THE HAMMER...for this gem.

Goldilock Wins Zuda!!!!!

After an insane month and a week of catching up on my sleep. I'm back with a sweet win from Zuda. Awesome. Epic awesomeness. Coolest thing ever. I cannot wait to tell this story. I have lots of surprises planned.

I definitely want to thank everyone who helped out on this. Could not have done this without your help. I promise the rest of the ride is going to be mad fun. Keep your eyes here for more Goldilock promos and updates on things to come.

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Or you can check out more of my artings...non Goldilock related at my Deviant Art page.

In the meanwhile, check out some sweet Press!

SciFi Talk Podcast... I'll go ahead and apologize now for the awkwardness and cheese.