Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Dangers of Parenthood

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"This planet is full of amazing creatures. Some of them extremely deadly. No one leaves this facility unless escorted by a Survival Drone. The finest in recon-tech, each one can take down a small battalion by itself and is equipped with enough rations and medical supplies to last a team two weeks."

- Commander Wyatt Blank
August 2 2082 Earth Standard


  1. this is awesome too man
    great designs and composition too

  2. hey! I just found your blog and I have to tell you that the stuff you are doing is simply amazing!
    great world building, awesome illustrations and concepts, cool story!
    I will keep checking back! never stop! :)

  3. :) thanks Joe...and thanks to my new buddy Mo :) glad youre diggin it so far..i really appreciate you checkin out my stuff.

  4. Man! This is really building up!! I cannot wait to see more! And, That was an amazing trailer!!!
    Many Many Kudos!

    Issa Michel-

  5. Is this a project? Are just snapshots? Grtngs

  6. Hey Manuel. :D This is all just kind of like background material..kind of like the stuff one would put in an issue #0. Hopefully you'll be able to read it soon!